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About Me

Training Dogs for real life

My name is Ty Huq and I'm a professional dog trainer.  I've spent years helping dogs overcome behavior issues through obedience training while teaching their families how to communicate with thier dogs in a way that works. I use a balanced training approach. That means I discourage bad behaviors while replacing them with good ones. Every dog is unique, so I provide individualized attention and offer multiple packages to meet your unique goals. Don't spend another day unhappy with your dog's behavior. Call me today!

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Training Packages

I offer multiple training options to fit your needs and meet your goals. Every training program begins with a free phone consultation.

Complete Program


The Complete Program puts you in control by teaching your dog everything they need to enjoy freedom and avoid trouble. During the program your dog will learn critical behaviors such as sit, down, stay, come, go to a bed, go to a crate, leave it, and polite leash walking. You'll learn how to read their body language, understand their thought process, communicate clearly with them, and provide leadership they can understand.  If you want to be able to trust your dog whether you're relaxing at home or in a busy public place this program is for you.

Focused Program


If your dog needs help with a specific issue the focused may be a great option for you. Sessions can be done at a place of your choosing, with personalized plans to fit your pet’s needs and your lifestyle. During each lesson I'll show you what is possible through training and assign home

work for you to practice between lessons. Although this program involves more effort on your part, you can be sure that you are mastering the skills needed to bring the best out of your dog.

Behavior Modification


If your dog suffers from serious behavioral conditions such as fear, anxiety, or even aggression and their issues cannot be resolved through one of my other programs then my Behavior Modification program may be an option for you. Dogs in need of behavior modification require extra time, focus, and effort from both the owner and the trainer so be prepared for an ongoing process of intensive work. This is therapy for dogs, so if you suspect your dogs behavior problems are the result or past trauma, this program is for you.

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Call or Text (214) 430-1326 to Get Started Today

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