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Train With Love
And Patience



Calm your dogin seconds

Learn to relax your dog instantly so
they’ll listen to and obey your commands,
even in busy, noisy environments.


Control in Public

You’ll learn effective strategies that
stop disruptive behavior like pulling on the
leash and scary situations like


Understand Your Pooch

Learn why they act out and the surprising
ways that you might be enabling or
even causing bad behavior


Enjoy Dog Ownership Again

Leave stressful situations and anxiety
behind. Fall in love with your dog all
over again and create good
habits that last a lifetime


Achieve Results in Minutes Not Weeks

Discover quick techniques you can use
right NOW. You’ll see immediate changes
in your dog’s behavior


Put Your Puppy on Track

Establish good behavior and habits at an
early age and prevent negative
experiences before they occur.

Complete Program

Unlock your dog's potential

Unlock your dog's potential with our transformative Complete Program! Gain control and freedom as we teach critical behaviors such as sit, down, stay, and come. Through our comprehensive training, we also focus on bed and crate training, leaving it, and developing polite leash walking skills. Learn to read your dog's body language, understand their thought process, and communicate effectively with our expert trainers. Build trust in any situation—whether relaxing at home or in busy public places. Invest in your dog's training journey today for a harmonious bond. Join our renowned dog training business now and enroll in our highly effective dog training program!



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Behaviour Modification

Unlock your dog's potential

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our Behavior Modification program, priced at $2,500. If your dog faces challenges like fear, anxiety, or aggression, our specialized program offers a glimmer of hope. Watch as we unravel the complexities of their behavior and pave the way for lasting transformation. Our dedicated trainers invest extra time, focus, and effort to ensure your dog's success. With our therapeutic approach, we can help your beloved companion overcome past trauma and embrace a brighter future. With our Behavior Modification program, a life of harmony and happiness awaits. Don't let challenges define your dog—invest in their transformation today!



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About Me

Training Dogs for real life

My name is Ty Huq and I'm a professional dog trainer. I've spent years helping dogs overcome behavior issues through obedience training while teaching their families how to communicate with thier dogs in a way that works. I use a balanced training approach. That means I discourage bad behaviors while replacing them with good ones. Every dog is unique, so I provide individualized attention and offer multiple packages to meet your unique goals. Don't spend another day unhappy with your dog's behavior. Call me today!

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